Dream Meanings

“Dreams are rudiments of the great state to come.
We dream what is about to happen.” — Bailey

We have chosen this quote as it is an opening line of probably the most famous dream meanings dictionary in the world – “10,000 Dreams Interpreted” by Gustavus Hindman Miller.

Dream meanings and dream interpretation is probably even older than Astrology. We know examples of dream interpretations ranging back for thousands of years including the most famous account of Joseph from The Old Testament.

Why do we dream? Why dreams are sometimes so weird? What is the meaning of our dream? Too many questions and they do have too many answers. Psychics have their own ways of interpreting dreams, psychologists treat dream meanings completely differently. Who is right and who is wrong. Difficult to say. Yes, psychologists based their interpretations on science without any touch of supernatural. They might be right as dreams often show our hidden worries or problems. But why the professional dream meanings interpreters are still so popular and why thousands of dream dictionaries are still being published.  Because the experience of a human kind shows that it might be something more than simple psychology behind our dreams.

We have chosen probably the most popular dream meanings dictionary as a basis of our website. This dictionary was used by our grandparents and was published probably hundreds of times. Newer editions are sometimes modified, the language is made more contemporary. But the book itself stays as hundred years ago.

Our website uses an electronic copy of this famous dream dictionary but we have made several enhancements. While keeping the text intact as it was initially published (we decided not to modify or modernize the original dream dictionary) we not only transferred it into a fully searchable database, but also added some unique search features. Dream Meanings are interconnected, special system finds dreams with similar meanings and when possible interconnects the dreams in a way no printed or plain dream dictionary can do.

But keep in mind that we are using 100 years old text and if you decide to check the meaning of your dream you should agree to our Terms.

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